Vickers at heart was a visual guy ... and he was drawing cartoons and attempting to animate them even as a child with family video equipment. He would continue this love into adulthood and make it his professional business. BELOW is his "Animation Reel" with various clips, as well as some full-length animation examples from both his film and music-video art.


Film Animation

ABOVE: Animation stills by Vickers Gringo, Video Short by Hamptons Film Festival screenings,


video work for 2-man music duo, 2006-2008:

the handsome public

Vickers Gringo worked with singer-keyboardist Alex Rosen, a.k.a., Dr. Rosen Rosen, for two years, recording, making videos, and performing. Most of their performances took place in New York City music venues. However, the band was also invited to perform at the 2007 Icelandic Airwaves Festival, where the duo was received by enthusiastic Reykjavic rock fans. The Handsome Public, as the Vickers Gringo-Dr.Rosen Rosen team called itself, also performed in London. Vickers would use that London cityscape to shoot & direct The Handsome Public's "Juice Heads" music video, to which he would also add some of his brilliant animation.

vickers makes a trojan commercial

The following video was directed and animated by Vickers Gringo as part of a Trojan Commercial contest in 2008.

Vic's Demo version of Deuce music video "I Snorted My Father"

Art Video directing & production 

attack of the flying head (2010)

Attack of the Flying Head was written, directed and edited by Vickers Gringo -- starring himself as an Info-Commercial crazy man.