Vickers the video artist

& Animator

Vickers was an award-winning video artist /filmmaker and editor.  While he often filmed and edited videos professionally for musical groups and businesses, he also was at heart a video artist.  His own video features include Dependence (1998, black and white, 55 minutes), made while he was still an art student at Alfred, and which is the subjective account of a addict through one day and night experiencing a hallucinatory trip. Two later films depict a surreal and futuristic New York City through the story of a half-man, half-rat character: Glue Trap Lust (2000, color, 22 minutes) and its sequel, Son of Eyeball Man (2002, color, 22 minutes). The last art video Vics wrote, filmed and edited is entitled Attack of the Flying Head (2009, color, 7 minutes), an absurdist satire on info-commercials, cultural masculine antics, and sex pharmaceuticals. Art videos by Vics usually incorporate his own original musical scores and cartoon animation; some of them also incorporate puppetry by artist Dave Stuart (whom Vics first met in art school at Alfred, and with whom Vics continued to collaborate).    

Vickers was also the photographer and editor for a full-length documentary film about the last days of New York City’s Fulton Fish Market, entitled, Up at Lou’s Fish (dir. Corinna Mantlo and Alex Brook Lynn).  This film that included footage of this historic city food market before, during, and after its notorious move at the hand of New York City politicians to Hunt’s Point in the Bronx, won numerous film-festival awards including Best Feature Documentary at the Evil City Film Festival that year. 

Film photography & Editing:  Up at Lou's Fish (trailer)