Based in New York City, The Deuce & a Quarter was founded by Vickers Gringo in 1998.  Vics remained the band's lead guitarist and songwriter-singer throughout its various incarnations over more than a decade.  Its music is an original rock sound incorporating various American rock traditions from heavy metal to rockabilly as well as surfer rock in the style of Dick Dale. By 2000, The Deuce was regularly performing in classic NYC venues like the East Village’s CBGB’s (now defunct as an East Village radical-rock venue), the West Village’s Knitting Factory, Cafe Europa, Brooklyn’s Trash Bar, Hanks, and others. Various recordings of The Deuce work exists, and many pieces are compiled in the CD "10 Years Under the Knife" (2008).    

Lead Vocals & Guitar / Vickers Gringo
Vocals & Keyboard / Adam Chimera
Vocals & Bass / Pat Soriano
Drums / Jerry Rimesso



The Deuce & a Quarter's Live performance of "Amero," 2009: